May 23, 2005


What's special about a birthday? A sure way of getting attention, especially for those who lack it. What IS there to celebrate? Your entry into this world; an entry over which you had no control, and in which you had no say. An entry into a setting that was preset to someone else's specification; a setting to which you'll be forced to adapt to feel one with it; a setting that's inhabited by people you did not choose to be with. That's a reason too many NOT to celebrate a birthday! Yet we DO. We celebrate, annually, the taming of a mind that was born free.

May 20, 2005


I wonder why rain makes one slow down. Well maybe not everybody; rain rejuvenated Hemingway, and it foreshadowed new beginnings in his novels as a result. Just the physical inconvenience of carrying an umbrella or a raincoat is a slowing down of sorts. Rain makes you reflect on things which you've pushed into the backwaters of your brain. It forces you to recognize the existence of the grey in life. Alas, all is not bright and beautiful about you! April showers may not mean May flowers necessarily. There is a pervasive sluggishness in the surrounding; almost as if everything around was in a slow FF mode. The earth has pulled up at a rain station and the occupants on earth simply watch in respectful silence as the earthmobile quenches its thirst.

May 17, 2005

Why blog?

Everyones carries a story and wants to share it. But how public is he willing to go? That's the deciding question for a prospective blogger. Some of us are born narcicissts and a blog serves as an ideal medium; a one sided perspective; a unilateral presentation; feedbacks only if you so wish. Then there are those who believe they are untapped, usually unpublished, (not for lack of trying though) writers and see blogging as balm for shattered epistolary aspirations. Finally there are those of us whose loneliness has gotten to them and the blog becomes their outpouring.

I'm still trying to figure my reasons for blogging.