April 26, 2008

A Master Artist!

Playful painter brandishing his brushes
Yellows, pale pinks, and grassy greens
Running amuck while nature preens

All eyes agog, where next the stroke
to basic brown ‘n mellow maroon
poised pink does prettily croon

Awakening alas, a master craftsman
stretching and flexing his moves so tender
lazily blending color into grandeur

Even the wanton yawn does bring
Hues and colors most sublime
The painter’s an artist, perhaps divine

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April 11, 2008

Puppy Love

It comes back to rest on me,
a gaze that all ensnares.
Her presence all around me
with words that do caress.

Is it romance unsought?
My mind is all besot;
in rapture of a fleeting touch
imagination's caught.

Unwanting, I seek her out;
the strings of heart undone.
Softly I hear me sing
tunes long forbidden

How long until 'tis over?
They say it goes away.
This puppy love of mine
is perhaps here to stay.