May 23, 2005


What's special about a birthday? A sure way of getting attention, especially for those who lack it. What IS there to celebrate? Your entry into this world; an entry over which you had no control, and in which you had no say. An entry into a setting that was preset to someone else's specification; a setting to which you'll be forced to adapt to feel one with it; a setting that's inhabited by people you did not choose to be with. That's a reason too many NOT to celebrate a birthday! Yet we DO. We celebrate, annually, the taming of a mind that was born free.


Starkindler said...

Hey, I love my heppy budday too. Though a little shamefaced to admit it, and I really do expect people to drop by and offer gifts. Come awwwn, it's my day and it should be all for ME!

David said...

well i love my birthday because i love my life and its the time when your parents had the joy of bringing u to life. I believe that the ones who created birthday celebrations were the parents. What d'u think about that?