April 24, 2006

Defying Definition!

Can I call you a friend?
Because you’ll listen
to my ravings and ranting,
however inane
Because you’ll hear
the sorry unsaid.

Will I call you a friend?
Because you don’t see
my philanderings;
innumerable may be.
Because you don’t look
for those promises unkept;
that lack of sensitivity.

May I call you a friend?
Because you matter;
though senselessness pervades.
And I look around for you.
Because you’re the hold
while life rushes out from under my feet.


Nasir said...

Friendship needs no barriers of promises... like love is unconditional

Ayesha said...

: )

beautifully penned, yet again.

EXSENO said...

So very nice. One can have many friends, but a really true friend is like a rare diamond.

Zeitgeist said...

Nice one.However As funny as it sounds,barter is the crux of a true and viable friendship.'You lend me your ear,i'll lend you mine' principle.No one can deny it for all talks of unconditional-isms etc.

Id it is said...

Barter makes for a business partnership, whereas spontaneous giving makes for friendship.
Going with what you say would also make all business associates friends.

karmic_jay said...

Very nice. Defined a friend very well.
By the way 'id it is' reminds me of the Pearl Jam song 'I got id' :)

Mr. J said...

Neat stuff there.

Ajay said...

amazing post
i guess id be an exclamation mark !!!
gr8 blog

Trailady said...

Yes, by all means call me a friend. God is giving me eyes to see beyond color, religion and cultural differences and my life is enriched by many people because of this... :o)

PS. I would be the orange flowery symbol.