May 11, 2006

Heil hypocrisy! Heil religion!

I happened to read this interesting post about the brewing crisis over Iran's growing nuclear capability. The supercilious and hypocritical stance of some western countries on the issue of nuclear proliferation is laid bare. What goes for one, ought to go for all; else we are regressing to some of us being 'more equal than others'. The ban on nuclear weapons must apply to all nations regardless of their status, developing or developed.

On a similar note... what is with current day politicians, especially heads-of-state spouting religious quotes to negotiate political standoffs. Is that now the sole means to negotiate peace and understanding among world leaders of today? Whatever happened to logic, international diplomacy, political strategy that we find ourselves relying on religion to find solutions to a situation such as the standoff with Iran. President Ahmedinijad's letter to President Bush is one fine example of present day world leaders' increasing dependency on religion.

Update: A different perspective on the crisis


medline said...

Do u find anything commen in between- AFGHANISTAN,IRAQ,IRAN?

EXSENO said...

So very well put, I can't think of any reason to comment other then to say, I do so agree. I am so glad to see this post.

Saurabh said...

Hmm ...
Actually I was surprised to see US actually extending Nuclear Support to India after the nuclear tests that were carried out some years ago in Pokhran.

Like someone said (excuse my ignorance if it was you ... I don't quite remember) that India does not give a damn about the CTBT and signing it and the US knows it.

And US is not concerned about being called biased and a hypocrite ... is it?
The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world - and they know it.

Its all about throwing your weight here and there.

- Saurabh

EXSENO said...

I Me My,
The other day I found the full letter on the net. It was only then that I realized just how very much he referred to religion or religious passages.
I still feel that it is totally inappropriate.
However then I began to wonder if this President always does this or did he think it was a way of getting through to GWB, who portrays himself as such a religious person, (ya right).

Lets face it, a big part of GWBs' campaign strategy was portraying a image of the 'good old boy' always coming out of church.
It worked for him with many people in the south (bible belt). Frankly in the area in which I live, you can be the worse kind of sinner on Saturday night as long as you get up and go to church on Sunday morning. You will get the vote. Ridiculous !

Anyway, since I'm so politically and educationally impaired enlighten me if you will.
About this thought of mine or the President Ahmedinigad, not about the letter itself. My views will always remain the same.
When it comes to business and religion, I will always feel that never the two should meet.

karmic_jay said...

Both dubya and the crazy incharge of Iran use religion in their politics...scary if you ask me.

I do think we will attack Iran at some point. How will that go? Iraq is a standard to go by..

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

The spin doctors are always at work to keep us from really knowing the truth about things. This is such a good post!