July 16, 2006

A Second Coming?

Wails from hearts distraught
as an innocent bites the dust.
In Gaza, Haifa, and Beirut,
how many more will hurt?
Who'll intervene to pause
this dying without a cause?

Shrouded in pain
and in tombs of despair;
Buried in arid alliances,
in empty stances and pretences;
Negligently negotiating peace
while coffined in dubious differences.

Surreptiously but surely
the voice of reason muted.
Gory graves of humanity
collaboratively created.
Before that knell is rung
and innocence is hung,
gravediggers are invited!


Anonymous said...

UN baptized 'a gravedigger'!
That's new.
Nice poem.

starry nights said...

When will all this senseless killing stop!
how many more will hurt?
Who'll intervene to pause
this dying without cause?.

Ajay said...

very well written
stark and potent ... is what i would call this post of yours

EXSENO said...

I wish you could send this to presidents and leaders everywhere.

eshuneutics said...

I like the tautness of your poem...it is as tight as a winding-sheet, with haunting images. I think of Beckett..."the gravedigger applies the forceps". Birth, peace and creativity are made rigid by death, war and destruction.Your poem shows an old truth: by restricting emotional outbursts deeper emotion is created. I am in awe. Wonderful words.

Id it is said...

You are right on! I too thought 'how Beckettian' when I came up with the gravedigger image.

Couldn't have said that better..."by restricting emotional outbursts deeper emotion is created". But why is that an 'old truth'?

My Talking Beginnings said...

I agree with ajay...Stark and potent, gripping even!!

bablu said...

Yes - i agree; its sheer madness.
Hope wiser counsel prevails.
I like the wide array of words which you used here.

karmic_jay said...

Thats nice..
This is all in the book of revelations. So they keep telling me. :)

Ajay said...

and now we hav had flood - rain
mud - riots due to mud flinging on a photo
and blood -blasts in bombay in India

sometimes i feel dat by making all this stuff happen, God is cleansing our sins

Aditi said...

Its a vicious cycle it will never stop, and that is the sad fact of it all.