October 29, 2006


Is ‘the Fall’
'a fall'?
a fiery falling blanket
enveloping the tired greens
a carrier of crisper winds
rustling the fallen leaves
a harbinger of felling logs
preparing for the winter
a getaway for fallen leaders
electioning in a change.

'The Fall', a changer of seasons,
from summer to December.
A temperer of spirits
that dampen to winter.

Is ‘the Fall’ ‘a fall’?
Not really after all.
It lays to rest
a lonely nest.
Till it’s time again,
at nature’s behest,
for birds to listen
and leaves to glisten’
for streams to flow
and daffodils to show.

A gentle intermediary;
'The Fall’s' but a step between.
For man’s hope and nature’s repose
A see-through kindred screen.


KT said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely!!!!..esp the

a fiery falling blanket
enveloping the tired greens

EXSENO said...

Is ‘the Fall’ ‘a fall’?
And the words to follow are perfect absolutely perfect.
Very nice peom.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Lovely words and lovely photo.
This is my favorite time of year. October my favorite month.

eshuneutics said...

"a getaway for fallen leaders"...that touch of politics and pastoral is neat! The change from free verse to rhyme has an unsettling effect: it has an innocence that comes almost like a too-easy perspective. Reading the poem, I feel as if I am looking through 2 separate windows and seeing two different scenes. I am drawn to the melody in section 2--the continuity of "er" suggeste the changing changelessness of nature. Crisp writing!

Teri said...


bablu said...

That a lovely snap of FALL !

Michael Manning said...

Beautiful! I read this and could hear pianist George Winston's CD "December".

Anonymous said...

beautiful.. the word doesn say it all.. excellent..

i loved the part where u rhymed december and winter..

and smiled when i read this..

"a getaway for fallen leaders
electioning in a change.

loved it

Anonymous said...

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