July 09, 2007

Lal Masjid Appeals!

Will you raze me to the ground?

Send shrapnel through my body

in which you reverence found.

Will you taint my sacred soul

gushing rivers of brethren blood

to let insanity take its toll?

Where does that heart reside

That once flowed fulsome faith?

What prompts those tongues

to desecrate a divine domain?

Who so historically myopic

to not let past prevent?

When will you learn

It’s not me you destroy or defend;

It’s but your humanity within

That seeks but self credence.


indscribe said...

آداب عرض
بہت خوب
umda nazm hai

Dr. Deb said...

Who wrote that? It's so powerful.

Id it is said...

Thank you.

pRicky said...

Wise words!!!
We tend to grow deaf to them dont we?

Sanjay said...

Very well written.

D said...

GREAT....you captured the sentiment so well...and as indscribe said "It's good poetry"

samrina said...


Take care

nandi23 said...

honestly I didn't understand this because I had no clue what Lal Masjid was, I instinctively compared it to your earlier poem on nova scotia, but after reading the wiki article I finally get it:D.

I think the sentiments expressed here are universal to every institution that is abused.

Id it is said...

Now, in 2014 the library in this mosque is named Osama Bin Laden ?!