December 30, 2007

Benazir - A Voice Silenced.

she's begotten
she's labored
she's oppressed
she's traded
she's violated

she cries
she pleads
she reveals
she debates
she protests

She isn't mute or a mutant;
Quite the intelligent being.
Why then the silence?
Not for lack of a voice
or for want of a cause.
Soundless those cries
of an identity undefined.
Who is she,
and why won't she be heard?
Does she pose a threat
as the voice of reason
in a world gone astray?


EYE said...

Oh its beautiful:) Something similar was brewing in my head a few days back but wasn't as beautiful as this...and timely too.

nandi23 said...

It is difficult to comment, because where you say a voice silenced, maybe it will provoke many others to finally speak up, or maybe by silencing this one the rest will be shut forever in fear.
I try to think about the mentality of the killer,and whomever planned her murder and the only word I can think of is sickening, and the image of a bully enters my mind, they cannot reason , force is their only weapon.

Deb said...

This assassination has really shaken me.

Id it is said...

I sincerely hope that the event energizes the latent female voices in the Islamic world to become a force that is to reckon with. Benazir may have had her faults, but she lent her voice to the underrepresented minority of women. It is, indeed, a pity that it was this very one voice that was silenced. I can't think of any other one female voice as powerful, as articulate, and as well recognized internationally as Benazirs, can you?

Anonymous said...

well, the argument around her deah is slowly dying down and as expected a party formed by a family would inevitably remian in itself.. benazir's 19 year old son whom i seriously doubt in terms of his political credibilty is taking charge.. it's good news for the media, for if he is caught for drunken driving or party pops in UK, the news will find readers! Benazir's assasination pretty much brings to the fore the volatile situation in Pak. It's hard to believe that her security failed despite her being on the hit list of many. ultimately it boils down to what works in that country.. democracy or autocracy.. and ironically al qaida/ taliban were once pro-bhutto.. thats how history play its tricks.

D said...

Good write-up, but it doesn't move me, beacyse Benazir was at some point of time in hobnob with extremists, sad but this what all Pkaistan rulers, democratically elected or dictators have to do. In the Indian mythology there is such a example of a demon king, "Bhasmasur"...and I don't feel for Bhasmasur and their leagues...THOUGH I DERIDE THE KILLING OF ANYONE.

Cinderella. said...

You have penned the exact emotions any concerned being would go through over her ill-fated departure.
Touched a chord with me...!
Came across via a suggestion from Lash, and am glad I did.

Lash, thnx mate !

net-net4 said...

After this nice and sad poem,
Benazir - A voice silenced -
it will be difficult to change subject and wish you happy new year !

Here some of your lines once again :

- Be it your art manipulating my thought
- or my poems fascinating your mind
- At the end of it all meaningful biases we'll find..
- Id It Is -

I put them next to a new image..

EXSENO said...

I didn't know that much about her.
I heard bad and good comments about her.
But I found her death shocking, as I'm sure many people did. It came so out of the blue, I never would have guessed of such a thing.
Someone obviously saw her as a threat.

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

She was a strong and brave woman.

Saadia said...

Oh, Benazir was heard. Her memories will live with us forever. One feels the most pain for her children; the nation/the country comes after that.

This portrait of hers is so beautiful. I feel like crying!