April 26, 2008

A Master Artist!

Playful painter brandishing his brushes
Yellows, pale pinks, and grassy greens
Running amuck while nature preens

All eyes agog, where next the stroke
to basic brown ‘n mellow maroon
poised pink does prettily croon

Awakening alas, a master craftsman
stretching and flexing his moves so tender
lazily blending color into grandeur

Even the wanton yawn does bring
Hues and colors most sublime
The painter’s an artist, perhaps divine

(Click on pictures to enlarge)


Deb said...

What beauty.

This time of year is so wonderful for seeing the trees in their best blooms.

White Rose said...

What a lovely poem. Wonderfully vivid, I could see all the colors blending together.

And the photos were beautiful!

kannan udayarajan said...

bootiful ..:)

AVIANA said...

beautiful.... :)

the imagery, the words, the creativity...

yes the pics too... :)

BoatoLuxo said...

beautiful pics

Eshuneutics said...

Seeing similar blossoms across the world has a strange effect. It sort of blurs distance between reader, writer, and photographer.

kannan udayarajan said...

yup..got busy with work..in other words,was being lazy for a while..:)

EYE said...

Oh those are just lovely... The American spring is so beautiful!!!

net-net4 said...

Poems new or old
seasons hot or cold
art covers distances
with passion untold.
- Id It Is -

This can be a complementary poem..

EXSENO said...

I love poetry, you always write such lovely ones. The photos are lovely too.

Anonymous said...

maybe thats why we all love artists.. there is a certain amount of divinity in them, isnt it? 'Playful Painter'... i loved that :)

EYE said...

I have featured your poem 'Puppy Love' in a new section in my blog titled 'espace poetique' it is basically a window to poetry on the blog. Do take a look. Hope thats fine with you.

How do we know said...

this is so awesome!

AVIANA said...

hey there..how are you

Saadia said...

I've always wondered:

When we want to appreciate nature, we say, "Wow, this is so unreal; just like a painting!";

And when we want to compliment a work of art, we utter, "So natural. Almost real!"