August 04, 2008

Iain Banks's 'Post-scarcity civilization'

I've not read much of science fiction in the last decade or so; something I sincerely regret! As a result, whenever I come across an intriguing write up on a sci-fi novel I can't help recommending the read.

Folding the map, who is an avid reader of science fiction and a fan of Iain Banks' writings, has an interesting take on the viability of a post- scarcity culture.

Those of you wanting to know more about the Banksian alternative civilizations might want to read his novel "Matter" that presents 'a world where ships are sentient, humans live for half a millennium, and living on a planet is probably the most backward thing you can do'.


sr said...

Thanks for the plug. I would like to suggest that anyone who does want to read Banks (and like it) should read Consider Phlebas or Player of Games instead. This last novel (Matter) just wasn't as good as the others...

Eshuneutics said...

Good to see you posting again. Hope you are well. As a native UK author, Banks ought to be familiar too me...which he is...but I read little science fiction. Might be tempted.