October 12, 2008

Dewdrops on cobwebs

(Click on picture)

The finer things in life
that we often fail to see,
may carry cherished dreams
that never come to be.

The silky cobweb spine
hugs misty drops in twine
though wanting to comply
does nature's law defy.

The freshness caught my eye
such beauty couldn’t deny
of harmony so balanced
with dew that web enhanced.

Those drop would not be seen
if thunderous poured the rain;
the dewdrop would've drained
if weighty water rained.

The beauty captured thus
would only crystallize
if mist and fallen dew
fell gently from the skies.

Dewdrop on a cobweb
seems frailty ultimate
yet on that bush that morning
did my thinking complicate!


Anonymous said...

Muy bueno! Muy bello!
Its you the dewdrop on a cobweb.

net-net4 said...

Our Id It Is one day gave in my blog a poet's definition :

A poet is...

a painter of words
with passionate beliefs

alone in a trance-like state
disconnected but not afraid

a sensitive soul perhaps
yet doesn't care to blend

one defying definition
perhaps there isn't one!

- Id It Is -

and these few thoughts made my happy..

starry nights said...

Just beautiful.loved this poem.

EXSENO said...

I clicked on the pictures and they were awesome. Never thought I would say a cobweb was beautiful.

I love to catch you on a poetry day, you poems are always so special,always seem to have an air of elegance to them. Lovely.

berenice said...

lovely words id it is indeed!
for me the most subtle forms of beauty, the natural ones are the ones that hide the secret to true happiness, to bliss, glad to see you have so akin eye, such read soul to perceive beauty in the small, and here a big companion to live on your lovely cobwebs

gracias for your sharing your wonderful view, your heart, and your words

YogaforCynics said...

How true...particularly as I think of so many mornings in the woods, when I seemed to walk through cobwebs, often coated in misty drops, wiping all away with only minor irritation and then moving on...never thinking of them as beautiful....

crumbs said...

=) dewdrops on cobwebs
one of those small mercies in life huh

Anonymous said...

I love this poem. It reminds me of Emily Dickinson, but more positive. Thank you for it.
(Your partner in 205)

Anonymous said...

I love you for how you make me think.

White Rose said...

Beautiful! And the pictures are wonderful!

human being said...

oh lovely image you've painted with your words... i've always loved to look for and watch such microcosms... they always teach us something deep about our life...

the wisdom you found out here and shared is so original and impressive...

"Those drop would not be seen
if thunderous poured the rain"

really enjoyed reading it...
you may like to see and read Bobbb's microcosm too:


Anonymous said...

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Id it is said...

I'm afraid I couldn't decipher your comment; also, I went to your site, but there was no place to leave a comment there so I'm leaving it here and I hope you get to read it.