December 08, 2008

The Beatles Beat - "I'm not afraid, I'm shy!"

This piece was inspired by someone who said
"I'm not afraid, I'm shy!"

Words unsaid...
eyes unmet...
hands unheld...
...leave steps untaken!

A lidded glance
for a proffered hand.
A tentative gesture
with a somewhat smile.
The spoken silence
amid hushed replies.

A hurried exit
so obviously distraught.
A forlorn look
trailing tender thought.
A lingering hope
leaving sanity besot.

Fiercely though you care,
words you'll never say.
People'll never know
the warmth beneath the cold,
and even less...
the love you left untold.


Saadia said...

A Beatles fan! Sweet! Here comes the sun...tudoodoo!

starry nights said...

I am a beatles fan too.Love all their music.

berenice said...

oh love your poem! your hands and hers might never had met, but your words surely made it to the hearts of the ones who read your blog
and the Beatles song... it couldn't be a more perfect link, and yes! a Beatles fan myself here, sometimes when things go too wrong in life, i still tend to blame it on the Blue Meanies ;) and remember that after all "is all in the mind"

a pleasure to read your love-about-to-happen post dear iditis

EXSENO said...

love you left untold. This was so beautiful.

White Rose said...

This was Beautiful! Loving someone and never being able to act upon it.

Anonymous said...

And did the lovers ever meet?