October 23, 2008

Singleton's 'Seduced by Memory'

"Jeremy Hightower enters Donna’s life and claims to have nurtured a forty-four-year love for her. Swept up by the fairy tale, she allows herself to fall in love, only to realize that Jeremy has a past that could interfere with their future together."

"Ollie Singleton's maiden novel "Seduced by Memory' came to me via an unusual route. iditis gave it to me saying "Tell me what you think of it." Not given to serious reading, I made sure this novel was not one of those that I'd abandon due to sheer exhaustion of having read and reread the same page many times over! Well, I was assured that was not the case, and that proved to be true. By the time I finished my first reading I was already a fourth of the way into the book. The main character was interesting, but became less complex as the story progressed. Though an easy novel to read, I'm not sure what made it so: it's simplicity of plot or its sheer readability.

As a first write, the novel holds promise for this author, and I would probably want to read her second novel if she were to write one."


October 12, 2008

Dewdrops on cobwebs

(Click on picture)

The finer things in life
that we often fail to see,
may carry cherished dreams
that never come to be.

The silky cobweb spine
hugs misty drops in twine
though wanting to comply
does nature's law defy.

The freshness caught my eye
such beauty couldn’t deny
of harmony so balanced
with dew that web enhanced.

Those drop would not be seen
if thunderous poured the rain;
the dewdrop would've drained
if weighty water rained.

The beauty captured thus
would only crystallize
if mist and fallen dew
fell gently from the skies.

Dewdrop on a cobweb
seems frailty ultimate
yet on that bush that morning
did my thinking complicate!