January 18, 2009

A Closet in Disarray!

Bursting at the seams
with clutter, so it seems.
Clothes on hangers placed,
that forever their remain;
these hangered prima-donas,
an ordered facade maintain.
The many in bundles strewn,
those donned morn and noon,
in crumpled heaps they lie,
yet each day they have to fly.

Quite akin to life
where inane glitterati,
relationships effaces,
and gradually takes up
life's prime time spaces.


EYE said...

You almost read my mind on my poem there....and I think it is very bold of you to take a pic of your closet in disarray. Happy putting it-in-order.

Id it is said...

I wish that were a picture of my closet! Unfortunately mine is a step beyond the one you see in the picture, hehe

starry nights said...

love the poem.this looks like my son's closet, always in dis array.

EXSENO said...

At first I didn't know where you were going with that cluttered closet, but that was perfect.
I never would have thought of using a cluttered closet in comparison to a life or a relationship, but it is so true.
Spot on, great poem.

Anonymous said...

Looks like my closet.
I shop and then shove everything in my closet- when I need something I just dive right in!

Lovely poem.s