December 18, 2009


What deeps, the droves of loneliness can dig!
Can make you weep and cry for things inane.
A tearing need
a dire craving
an endless pit
an angry chasm

What chances the angst of age can augur!
Can make the sanest soul savor a life on edge.
A growing fear
a silent scream
a senseless infatuation
a one night stand

What abuse marginalization can procure!
Can make the apathetic cringe for sure.
a soundless whipping
an endless pain
a racial slur
an ire unexplained.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I felt it! It is so stark. You sense my mood too. This is hard as bone. Wow!

Mariana Soffer said...

Excelent poem man, I am admired, I like a lot this way of expressing dark and painfull things, I think you are talking here among other things about the deshumanization of humans, the lack of communication with the others and with oneself.
Take care

EXSENO said...

Awesome thoughts. This poem really took hold of me. Very deep thoughts today my friend.

cubano said...

a soundless whipping :) I like

human being said...

'a soundless whipping'

this says it all!

so poignant!

Zhane said...

I really enjoyed reading this poem. With every word, i was able to relate a certain memory. i absolutely loved it !

Id it is said...

Good to see you here Zhane!