May 22, 2010

"Write the Future" NIKE Style !

This NIKE advertisement, released on Thursday, heralds the hopes, the challenges, and the anticipation surrounding the Soccer World Cup in South Africa scheduled to start less than a month from today.


starry said...

I love soccor and cannot wait for the world cup to start.

Georg said...

Hallo Id,

The Football World Cup is part of the international Show Business. Naturally many people hope and pray they will be able to cash in smoothly. Sure, others hope they will be able to yell and drink beer without being smacked on the head.

To tell the truth I dislike showbiz disguised as a sports activity.

Sports means movement and one has to do it oneself not sit somewhere on his ass, at home or in a stadium.

Can't help thinking there is something weird about those millions of people looking at others running around.

What about making a kind of law forbidding people looking without being able to demonstrate that they are active, too, in sports and not only in sitting, standing, yelling, drinking.


Khakra said...

really... amazing. So deftly made! Hope you're doing well.

berenice said...

hi dear ID, i like soccer too, raised in Mexico, it became second nature, i do like the add a lot!! Nike has wonderful campaigns...

@ Herr Georg, oh herr Georg, what a downer comment, hi hi, i do agree with you on many points, but considering what humans get together to these days, stuff like war, terrorism, attacks, to get together and use and market something like soccer, is the least of humanity evils! don't you think?

Id it is said...

Berenice has a point there wouldn't you agree :)...Wouldn't we rfather they are "sitting, standing, yelling, drinking" while appreciating a soccer game rather than while indulging in 'activities' that harm and hurt other beings...
I have great respect and love for this game works magic in the most disadvantaged populations because it is above prejudices of color, economics, ethnicity, and gender.

Georg said...

Hi Id and answering, too, to Berenice,

Well I would agree with you, it is certainly better to support the yelling and drinking supporters than seeing them changing into throwers of Molotov cocktails. Yep.

So be it.

I might be looking once or twice at the South Africa games, too. But only when German crew is playing, I am a f... patriot.


berenice said...

hi again all, i thought you'd like to see this link with the FIFA mascots, cute!

Id it is said...

I am backing Spain, but good luck to Germany : )
May the better team win.

berenice said...

dear ID, maybe you are with the German 'psychic' octopus??? hilarious silly news

but also Germany has been so strong lately! looking forward to watch the Spain - Germany game, dunno why i think the final might be Germany vs. Holland, which would be actually boring ;)

and you are very right ID, let the best one win :)