September 28, 2010

"Closures" - An Analysis

Closures all:

Signing those papers.

Putting those trunks away.

Winterizing that car.

Aerating that lawn.

Stop seeing him now

Deleting his folder of emails

Taking him off your ‘contacts’

De-friending him!

The cause for closure is obviously noble:

to start afresh

to conserve

to safe keep

to rejuvenate

to energize...

all for the greater good.

Yet, closures cost:

The lawyer fees .

Lawn maintenance charge.

The mechanic's bill

And most of all...

Closures do tear apart

the human heart.

Quite simply sincere

they may appear;

until those longings,

without warning,

drive you asunder.


Anonymous said...

That was nice...

De-friending, :) :), procedure n side effects neatly explained...

Funny Shit said...

This is a very nicely written poem of closure.

Georg said...

Dear Id,

You really managed to put these unpleasant proceedings in a kind of poem.

I took the liberty to copy it.

Wish you a happy start into new adventures.


EXSENO said...

And yet sometimes depending on the circumstance's closure can also bring a person a sigh of relief.

EYE said...

great poetry!!!

Fortune Articles said...

Its some- times presented as a single entity..

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