April 12, 2011

The 'Mahatma' Blinded in NY City - Is there a message therein?

The Mahatma doesn’t need to see

The bloodshed and the poverty

of a weary n' strife-torn humanity.

The Mahatma won’t want to see

Wall Street' s corruption and apathy

that's sapping dry the US economy.

The Mahatma had better not see

educators aspire to mediocrity

and dwindling student alacrity.

The Mahatma shouldn’t have to see

the manifestations of ethical paucity

in trends and choices bereft of nobility.

The Mahatma mustn’t want to see

the end of human virtuosity.

Then why replace Gandhi's glasses? That’ll let the Mahatma see!!


How do we know said...

i like the spin u put on it. :-)

Eshuneutics said...

Interesting view-point. (The Mahatma has been receiving a bad press after the recent biography). I hope you are well, haven't heard from you for ages.