March 26, 2013

Bird Feeder - Showcasing Hunger Rules in Nature?

Easy food at break of day!
Manna for my wretched wings,
wintered out with desperate flying
to find some food and prey.

A surge, a measured swoop

to grab the rim n hang on to it.
Tentatively balanced,
to feast on every seedly bit.

The sparrows wait
the cardinals hover,
as I feed feverishly
till I can hold no longer.  

It is now the cardinal’s turn;
the red one on the ring.
In his hurry, he bangs the rim
and the feeder begins to swing.
Paying for his rushed entry,
the cardinal must now wait;
warily watching the tasty treats
until the swinging stays.
Crazy Cardinal!
For want of patience,
endures wrathful screeches
and a feeding time reduced.

One peck, two peck,
and now he must go.
Without a grudge he takes a bow,
soon alights a humble sparrow.
The line is growing, the bounty waning
I fly out to tell my friends…
finches, chickadees, blue jays and all,
still wethering Michigan's snowfall!
Hunger Games...
the humans play.
We birds know better
to simply share and obey
the Hunger Rules of Nature.


Anonymous said...

Amazing!! What else can I say?

berenice said...

this is so lovely I Me My! We, like the sparrows, always come back and feed on your wonderful words, seeds of inspiration and love...

When I was living in a more open and free space (not a condo association) I used to feed sparrow, blue jays and mourning doves

this scrub blue Jay became my dear friend, he would call me with different sounds, until I would put peanuts out for him

birds are wonderful inspiring creatures, as your posts

EYE said...

beautiful....nature's hunger games are better than the reel version, which i thought was ghastly and gory

Khakra said...

six peck, seven peck, anything but pizza dough.

i will disagree with your poem on an honorary basis just so I can leave a comment and ask you how you are.

Georg said...

Splendid poem and so true. What a chance we have not to be obliged to live like those birds playing hunger games. Trying desperatey to live one day more, another day and then another one.

We are feeding our birds here all through the year but we have also a cat that becomes ever more expert to catch birds.

Another proof that heaven is empty save for the stars, sure.