July 30, 2014

Old Age - A Cancer of Dependency

An aggressive-malignant tumor,
the cancer of dependency 
surreptitiously saps 
the shreds of human dignity.

Stage one:
decision making slowly impaired
and problem solving undermined.
Brooding over what could've been
a sure symptom, but overlooked.

Stage two:
Your world has shrunk
and the cancer's grown.
With fewer friends 
and even fewer needs.
A routine of
food, sleep, defecation, and
zero altercations.
It's now a focused dependency;
a chimera of everlasting security
raising walls of complacency.
Chemo, radiation never sought 
so the cancer spreads unfought.
In a paralyzed mind and body
time is bought...until the metastasis!

Stage three:
The tumor pushes
against bone and muscle
seeking space to grow.
Alas! There is none.
Afterall, no caregiver lasts a lifetime!
One by one the plugs get pulled.
A yanking out of reverie
of life support dependency.
Incapacitated and bewildered,
sans flailing arms, free falling,
in a painful race to the end.


Margie said...

That is sad.

D said...

I hope everything is fine. I just lost my Dad to this deadly disease. My best wishes...

Id it is said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss; I know how special Dad's are! In fact, this poem was written while I was taking care of my aging father.