August 07, 2005


Human life is not precious anymore! The mass graves of innocent soldiers along with the ordinary Iraqis in a war torn Iraq are evidence of this. As were the 54 Londoners who became the victims of bomb blasts in central London this past month. Then the seven man crew of the Russian submarine who came so close to meeting a watery grave this weekend. Not to forget the crew on board the NASA spacecraft who are, at this very moment, anxiously wondering if they will make it back to earth.

Unfortunately, in all of these scenarios there was a precedent; one from which the respective agencies should have learned their lesson. For example, both the submarine and the spacecraft belong to a previous era of engineering, and were known to have some flaws in their design, in spite of which they were the chosen carriers for a human crew! Doesn't that say something... we are willing to put human life at stake to fight foreign wars as also for scientific research!

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