August 05, 2005

'Beatles' Jacksonized

Michael Jackson holds publishing rights to almost all the Beatles songs! He outbid Sir Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono at an auction in Tokyo in 1985 for the publishing rights to a catalogue of almost all the Beatles songs.

An unhappy Sir Paul McCartney, who, while 'longing for yesterday', can't 'just write that ' song and make it better' anymore!.

And of course, Michael didn't really have to work his creative genius since then, thanks to the everlasting popularity of the Beatles! . Instead, he focused on children's issues on his Neverland ranch.

Beatles fans, what sayest thou?


BlankManifesto said...

I feel very sorry for whats left of the beatles. They are entitled to their songs. Jackson has made music into something very unusual.

Starkindler said...

yeah, and he married lisa-marie presley too, to get the rights to Elvis' collection. he's not as dumb as he makes out to bne, is our Wacko Jacko?

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I am a HUGE beatle fan, and was disappointed that this occurred.