December 20, 2005

2006 : A New Beginning?

Tsunami is history
forgotten the earthquake in Pakistan
Katrina has ceased to matter
faded the London Bombings

Osama's a disappearing dot in oblivion
Saddam but a ranting shadow.
Darfur, could as well be an exotic cuisine
Banda Aceh, a greeting from some nameless culture.

A drug cocktail's contained HIV
Cancer deaths have dropped.
The Asian Flu will not reach us
Stents'll prevent all future heart attacks.

Hunger and poverty are UN concerns
Global Warming's been taken care of by the Kyoto Protocol.
Nuclear arms proliferation curtailed by the CTBT
Geneva Convention's followed while dealing with POWs.

Fortunate, aren't we?
Self delusional is what I'd call it.
Blessed with a short lived memory
and a nomadic mind to match it.
One that never gathers moss
from things that are past.
Will move to new pastures
until faced with some adventure.
And when that excitement wanes
it'll seek another plane.

This shallow, flippant mind
feels compelled to wander
lest it go assunder.
With all the suffering that's around
can't afford to get bogged down.
Cannot fall prey to compassion
that's a feeling not in fashion.
Novelty's what it has to seek
lest it delve into matters too deep.
Embarked on a perpetual journey.
Rootless by choice with dire fear of destination.

Are we stringing yet another new beginning
like the countless older ones?
Those wailing in purgatory, completely off tune
while searching for their ends that never seem to come.


Ayesha said...

Iditis, you truly have a way with words. :)

sonyared said...

I love your posts...

The Humanity Critic said...

Happy Holidays!!

Jaimie said...

Interesting writing Id. When I fist saw it I thought 'oh no, another post about new year's', but it actually turned into something much more than that.

nice writing.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

What a powerful post.

Here's to peace, love, joy and new beginnings.


sonyared said...

Happy New year!

EXSENO said...

They perhaps not we, at least I am not. wonderful post.

bablu said...

Very well written. Well its a new Beginning or an End ???

Lisa Francisco said...

Thanks for dropping on my blog. I see that you like poetry. So do I actually especially since I write songs. I will definitely pass by on your blog site. Happy New Year!!

sivananth said...

happy new year

Lisa Francisco said...

Ok it's been about 19 days!!!! where's your new post. A girl needs to know what's going on in your life you know!!! we can't just sit here waiting... You know we have desires and seeing your new post!!! jeesh... :) lol....I was just dropping by to see what's up. :)