December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day

"And The Band Played On"

An interesting film based on Randy Shilt's novel. A film made in the early 90s that has raised AIDS awareness for the past decade or so. It's a true to life version about the emergence of AIDS in America, its spread, the frantic search to find its cure, and the dread, both founded and unfounded, that it has created in the minds of ordinary people.

Raising AIDS awareness is the least we can do for those who sufferred and succumbed to this deadly virus for no fault of their own, and also for those who will fall prey to this epidemic if we don't do our bit today.

Do watch this film.


Pacze Moj said...

I caught part of this on TV a few years ago, and never figured out what it was; all I could remember was Matthew Modine in a contamination suit. Now I know! I hope it plays on TV again, so I can watch the whole thing. Considering the recent, popular Angels in America TV series and Columbus' adaptation of Rent, I it will, eventually.

Pacze Moj said...

*I think it will, eventually.

Id it is said...

pace moj,
You may be able to rent it at Blockbuster.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I saw this film when it first came out. It was so powerful. Interestingly, Dr. Robert Gallo, who was played by Alan Alda, just recently announced how "he" is getting closer to an AIDS vaccination. I guess some people never change.

Have a good weekend,

Jaimie said...

I remember when this movie came out. It was so good, especially since AIDS was still somewhat new to the mainstream.