March 02, 2006

India am'bush'ed?

"As he prepares to travel to South Asia next week, US President George W Bush has said one of the primary reasons of reaching a civilian nuclear deal with India is that the country is in need of "diversification away from fossil fuels," but he was non-committal about a similar arrangement with Pakistan." (Times of India)

Fossil fuel has been a major source of energy in India for generations! A fact not hidden from the outside world. However, it is only now that the US wakes up to it! Furthermore, the US now agrees to share its nuclear technology with India in order to rid the world of some air pollution! How grandiose!

Some astute politicking here! Killing three birds with one stone Ms. Rice?

Increasing India's nuclear capability-

a. will keep China at bay

b. will reinstate the ageold volatility between India and Pakistan; an immediate dissipation of the developing bonhomie between the two

c. will assuage public opinion about USA's concern for the environment despite its stance on the Kyoto Protocol


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I'm just one big huge SIGH these days about GWB.

Saurabh said...

I am not very sure about what the reactions are back in the US, but here in India, there are mixed reactions all around.

Though it is a good thing that we are getting better Nuclear Technology via the US, many people are peeved that we'll be opening many of the indigenously plants for inspection.

But, thats how life goes I guess.

- Saurabh

EXSENO said...

He never ceases to amaze me. In a bad way of course. He keeps me wondering and fearing what he will come up with next.

Global Indian said...

I can't understand why is it in America's interest if the so-called bonhomie between India and Pakistan is dissipated. If anything, they should be interested in the increased bonhomie, as with that, Mushy and his army can spend more effort on the western front.

Id it is said...

global indian,
It's in the US interest to 'dissipate the bonhomie' to destabilize the zone; to insure that Pakistan and India continue vying with each other for the latest warfare technology from the likes of USA. Afterall, USA is one of the prime suppliers of armament in the region.

Global Indian said...

Neither Pakistan nor India are reducing their military spending because of thier so-called bonhomie. And even if US wants to upset this bonhomie, do you think giving away nuclear technology and fuel would be on its mind.

I think the reasons for US to sign this Nuclear Deal at this point of time are:
1. Commerical Aspects (The money and contracts involved in building new LWRs)
2. Alternate source for emerging economy: This might reduce our dependence on oil to an extent easign the global prices.
3. Containment of China.

And I feel that its India that is going to gain more from this deal in its present shape than US.

Jaimie said...

Just to let you know, I do read your blog, but rarely comment bc I'm just so ignorant about politics. You would probably enjoy though. James really gets into good political discussions with people.

Invincible said...

as far as i know the deal is only for Nuclear fuel to be used only as alternate fuel and not as a warhead. Although India has been given liberty not to open its fast breed reactors, I wonder what China has to do with it.

Surprising was the cold shoulder shown to the age old US ally, pakistan. May be u r right!

Another reason might be the upcoming IAEA meet on whether to refer Iran's nuclear program to UN security council. He is trying to woo india in its favor.

James Manning said...

Thanks for visiting the my blog. I see my girlfriend found you first. Anyway, before I comment on this I need to give this disclaimer: I believe Bush is a spawn of the devil.

I did that so if anyone has a problem with my assessment of our current political state of affairs and view my conclusions as inadequate and lacking based on the preponderous of the evidence before me, you can return to that statement note juxtaposition of what I write.

The nuclear deal has so many loopholes it makes no sense. How do we fight against nuclear proliferation and agree not to inspect India's military reactors. And how do we justify this with Pakistan and feel that they won't respond in kind. Thus creating a nuclear arms race between those two while trying to contain Iran's nuclear program.

Sorry for the long post - I like your blog.

Nasir said...

All i can say about bush is that he is S.O.B(S=sadist,O=opressor,B=bigot)

Nasir said...

All i can say about bush is that he is S.O.B(S=sadist,O=opressor,B=bigot)

bablu said...

Seems like Bush wants to kill 3 birds with one stone as you say. But seriously - let us give him a chance Coz his intentions look good.