March 20, 2006

Save the Earth

Kudos to the court that turned down the Bush administration's four-year effort to loosen emission rules for aging coal-fired power plants! The ruling said that the changes "violated the Clean Air Act and that only Congress could authorize such revisions". This ruling will "encourage industry to build new and cleaner facilities, instead of prolonging the life of old, dirty plants," said Spitzer, New York's Atty. Gen. who led the court fight to block the administration's new policy. He saw this as "a major victory for clean air and public health" and a "rejection of a flawed policy."

I seriously feel that the EPA (envronmental protection agency) needs a name change. How about EJA (environment jeopardizing agency)!

Here's a poem I wrote sometime ago to give a voice to this wonderful but mute abode of ours:

Save the Earth

I am old
Been there since time eternal
Mother of all species
Respected, revered, restored, and reaped
in times forgotten, or did they exist?
Eroded, evacuated, embedded, and exploded
Droughts and earthquakes are worries no more

Bosnia, Iraq, Kashmir, and Hiroshima
All but parts of me
dented and cracked irreparably.
I cry, weep, hurt, yell, and scream
Divided, amputated, suffocated, and mutilated
Searching a lebensraum
in my very own universe.
The umbilical chord's become my noose.


_Jonathan_ said...

One of these days I'm gonna start readin' memoirs of a geisha. I'm watching a lot of movies by now.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

hmmn.. interesting.. nice blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Bosnia, Iraq, Kashmir, and Hiroshima
All but parts of me
dented and cracked irreparably...

you stole those words right out of my mouth...

i have never understood why would one need a passport and visa to walk around.... these borders that we are talking abt are not natural... and i am forced to accept that, the diamond that i live in, called india, IS my country and therfore i will be known ONLY as an indian and that i am only free to roam INSIDE it but nowhere else...

sonyared said...

Coming by to give u a shout out!

Lisa Francisco said...

Nice poems....have you gotten your poems registered with the copyright office?

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

EJA ----> that is more accurate, you're right!

bablu said...

Heart rendering poem.

EXSENO said...

Great I hadn't heard,I had been wondering, but honestly wasn't hopeful. Good for him.

Your poem says it all very well.

Nasir said...

You have weaved your words beautifully to share a Thought.

_Jonathan_ said...

Nice poem... u should write a book (I would buy it)

Trailady said...

Terrible how the earth is taken for granted, raped and abused...
we are now beginning to see the punishment for our carelessness.