August 28, 2006

The Hues of Nova Scotia

The blue quenches
it soothes, mystifies, and humbles
forces introspection, a contemplation
on this microscopic existence.

The green enriches
it pleases, attracts, and livens
reverses inaction, a coercion
toward a meaningful existence


eshuneutics said...

Hope you enjoyed the tides. I like the contrasts in the poem, and its brevity. Two snap-shots (of a mental land somewhere between H.D. and Dickenson) that say so much in a few words and bring a feeling for a real landscape.

nandi23 said...

blue makes us insignificant, and green elevates our existance!! I like this as sky and water/ or just sky stretching beyond? green mortality in eternity? he he , just what I saw I guess.
now this will be stuck in my head like Dover Beach!
truly I love this.

Invincible said...

The azure skiies extending to infinity, the fresh aroma of soil or moist grass infused into cool breeze which caresses you as it flows past - a perfect setting to forget the grind of life and step into a calm tranquil world of peace.
I so love it !
From microscopic, insignificant life to a meaningful vivacious life - nice contrast !

bablu said...

Wow ! Thats such a serene place ! I envy you ! Wish I get to go there.

karmic_jay said...

Add to my list of places to visit.. some day.

samuru999 said...

No place like Nova Scotia!
I love it so!

EXSENO said...

You are the second blogger that I know that has mentioned Nova Scotia, with a longing in their words to see it again. It must be lovely.

Saurabh said...

Brilliant pictures.
Until I opened the comment window to post one, I thought you got the pictures from elsewhere.

But I was very pleasantly surprised that you, in fact, clicked them.

You have a really good eye :)

Saadia said...

Got it!