August 30, 2006

Clouds - Invoking Wordsworth

'Wandering' among the blues and hues
gawking at the greys and greens
in garrulous 'company'
though lonely at times
'o'er vales and hills' they twirled
'the oceans playground of the world'

where the boistrous waves lash the rocky shore
then the tango trance seducing the pebbled shore
Careening while enrapt
by the lulling laps
and the foaming fury.
Tides crest and ebb
Waves lap 'n lash
The Bay wails and drones
The ocean foams and crashes
Beyond the dykes,
the lazy blue waters loll in calm complacence
knowing this show is not to last

caravaning cirruli

A cluster of curious crazies

A personal musing:

'While oft upon' lonely roads afly

The extremes 'to be' pass me by.

A mere standing-by in face of exultation

of history in creation

The noose drops

Life forks

Choices choke

a land and life long left

now a contender to what is;

one chosen and built.

Which way to the curtain call?


samuru999 said...

very beautiful!

eshuneutics said...

"Poetry is an acknowledgement of the beauty of the universe". Wordsworth, of course. How strange to see the Lakedistrict that I know stretched through words over Nova Scotia. Lovely wanderings.

TOÑO said...

Hi...thanks for visit my are the first person to do that...i hope you visit again.Bye.
P.S.: Your blog is very beautiful, congratulations.

Hiren said...

Wonderful photographs. You should also have got one with the evening sky.

BD said...

are these your own pics Id?

Id it is said...

Good to hear from you! Yes, these are some ten odd pictures of the thousand plus pictures I took. The landscape, the colors, the sounds were simply irresisitible and alas I had to capture them!

Id it is said...

Aaah...Lakedistict; literary fertile ground that mothered so many impassioned articulations! Fortunate are those who call such a place home.
Poetry does transcend all barriers, doesn't it.

Id it is said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll add another picture of evening skies over Nova Scotia.

BD said...

Wow! Id, these pictures are amazing. You are surely a gifted photographer :)

Id it is said...

Thanks. Honestly, I think we have the digital camera to thank here; Canon Powershot A70!

BD said...

You have powershot A70?

I have A75, and my pics are so crappy :(

I need to work on it :|

Anonymous said...

personal muse was equally good. I am one finger short all this week and hopefully next week too. cant write much so

Lisa Francisco said...

Nice pictures especially the poetry!. Thanks for coming by my site. Please coming by.

karmic_jay said...

Lovely pictures!

bablu said...

Wonderful photos to go with wonderful words ! Keep it up !

jedi said...

"The noose drops Life forks. Choices choke." Cud i borrow those words. Confused on which one is better - the imageries in those lines or the images themselves

EXSENO said...

Somehow I don't think he is talking about the universe.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

GORGEOUS, words and photos!

Apun Ka Desh said...

Good Pics

kalyan said...

A nice array of beautiful cloud shots...well taken!