November 03, 2006

A Birthday Sonnet

Tomorrows, a pursuit permanent
a future filed, so to say
also pathetically contingent
on tortuous toils of today

bundle of joy and priceless gain,
posterity held so tight
an aftermath of perilous pain
bravely borne many a night

fall foliage,a poet's cue
the plush palette of a painter
gold red and orange richly hued
do but follow a bygone summer

relentless this striving
a Sisyphus calling


Anonymous said...

relenteless this striving,
sisyphus calling.

that was a perfect end.. and ironically, i am reading the myth of sisyphus by camus now. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely. :-) Is it your b'day by any chance? If so Happy b'day if nto the jokes on me.

EXSENO said...

also pathetically contingent
on tortuous toils of today

So true.

Lisa Francisco said...


thanks for stopping by....i'll be updating a bit tonite on my the site......hope things are well

eshuneutics said...

(I felt sure I had left a comment: but that's life at the moment...perhaps, I thought I did.. or meant to). The poems is gentle and incisive, the tone so well judged. Yes, the Sisyphus line hit home. I don't know if the rock gets heavier or the slope steeper. :) Great poem.

Id it is said...

"I don't know if the rock gets heavier or the slope steeper"
Maybe both! hehe

samuru999 said...

Very, very nice!
Thanks for the visit today...
and your nice comment!
Have a wonderful day!


Teri said...

Your poetry is really quite good!

Sharique said...

ah my mind is inept at understanding poems so cannot comment on how great it was :) BTW if in future you plan to write a book do tell me i am damn interested in doing so but i need a partner

_Jonathan_ said...

how are u?.
Nice sonnet!

Anonymous said...

wow! a sonnet replete with imagism. this has to be the work of an agile mind. great to know that your mythology's store is rich. the sisyphian imagery was fantastically woven. i guess it is by some way has got a stream of consciousness touch..

Anonymous said...

Nice pen my steer it well...very nice...