March 10, 2007

Reflections on Humility

The majestic old tree does bend
its branches laden with fruits.
Acres and acres of lush prairie grass
a humble blanket becomes;
laying prone to the gusty winds.
Swallowing her pride a mother pleads,
begging leniency for her errant child.

Is humility, indeed, a quality
that's often termed as modesty?
One that'll not let the ego be
but a humble 'n selfless entity.
Can I a Gandhi be?
To put another before me,
that'd be ultimate humility.

What'd that do to my self esteem?
And to my confidence
that took so long to build.
Now that I have the edge,
why would I to another yield?
Humility at the cost of success?
Unlikely, I need my space;
besides, I'd be out of the race!
Inconceivable, I confess.

Braggarts, loudmouths, and showoffs,
the coterie that currently rule the world.
Christ and Buddha but exceptions
amid a world full of contentions.
And what of Thomas 'n Aquinas
who 'submission' did profess'
but 'twas only to the almighty.

Humility's but an antiquated trait.
and could not a modern leader create.


Teri said...


starry nights said...

The ultimate in put another before me.Just beautiful.

Invincible said...

Dint really read much of it (will be back).
Just dropped by. I liked your post on 'Water'. Wondered how much research you did on India, the caste system, the social structure.

D said...

Nice wordings....don't know if humility really speaks for itself...

Sharique said...


EXSENO said...

All I can think of to say is, 'wow'!
Did you create this thing of beauty for the mind to ponder?

Invincible said...

beautifully written !
humility has certainly become rare to find these days.

I dint watch the movie, i came pretty close once, but i think the site was pretty slow (shhh !! i ws watching it as a streaming feed).

I will mark it on my 'movies to watch' list.

Khakra said...

humble, selfless?? hey, hey, gandhi wasn't as clean as you think he is! he actually disowned his wife for the longest time when he was an english sahib. the dude was quite a casanova and whack job during his wild days. of course he cleaned up his act later. read his book? great stuff.

Lisa Francisco said...

Did you actually write this?! WOW!

Id it is said...

Yes, I believe there is a school of thought that questions the 'greatness' of Gandhi; however, the fact that he helped India get its freedom via mass(non violent)passive revolts does make him a remarkable individual. The magnitude of that operation and its pacifist nature make it one of its kind in human history. As leader of that operation he would definitely be termed a hero, wouldn't you agree?
I have read excerpts from "My Experiments With Truth", and I hope to read it over a break very soon. Do you recommend it?

Sanjay said...

Thats just so beautiful!

Naj said...

Hi friend, thank you for visiting and for your nice words.
I too, wish you a happy spring.

bharath said...

very nice thought. hold that, it may come true some day.