November 12, 2007

The Pain Behind a Grain

A cut, an abrasion,
a wound, an infection;
sure sources of pain, but
a hurt that goes away-
mere temporal discomforts.

Alas, they're not all the same
The pain behind the grain
appears like it's here to stay.

Can it go away?
Not if public apathy stays.
Those pangs of hunger,
bleeding ulcers create.
Those horrifying statistics
do humanity decimate.

Click the link to clear your conscience.
Perhaps word power may make the difference.


eshuneutics said...

This was testing, but fun. It was a crash course in English from Shakespeare onwards. More should have a go: it becomes compulsive, but it's for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

I played ! :)

Anonymous said...

too busy to blog?

D said...

The link was really great. Good post and I throughly enjoyed the post on Khan...what surprises me is how fables become history....

invincible said...

Hey thanks for the link. I played for a few mins for 250 grains.
I am going to forward it to my friends.

i had stopped by your blog a few times. I noticed 'cumberland county library'. Is that the one around Camp Hill, PA ?

eshuneutics said...

Hope you are okay--probably, like me, you are just rushed off your feet. Be well.

EXSENO said...

I wish you hadn't done this post.
I couldn't stop playing, 4840 grains.

How do we know said...

hey u write so well!