November 09, 2008

Bloggers Unite for Refugee Rights

Snow in October!

An unlikely fall

that bothered one'n all:

"Never happened before"
"Frozen down to skin"
"What! A white Halloween!"

How some 'firsts' bother us!


there are those we don't remember:
The Holocaust that needn't have happened
except that all those eyes had not opened

Look what happened in Darfur:

while world leaders humanity feigned

hell broke loose and barbarity reigned.

Will this be another shameful 'first':
The Congo nation's pitiful plight;

a people pleading in fearful flight.

How many 'firsts' will History reap?

How many 'firsts' until we see
that one man's home

can't be anothers to keep?

Is our planet to become a graveyard of displaced refugees?


Khakra said...

If the situation's like it was a few years ago Congo's like the third world war. So many countries are secretly involved in the conflict there, which displaces people. what a mess. You seem mighty passionate about it...

Id it is said...

the feeling of homelessness and the sense of isolation that accompanies it makes people go on the defensive and that usually brings out the worst in us, or so I think. Given the volume of refugees that get generated across the planet, some of who will not have another identity save that of a refugee, is indeed a frightful prospect and one that can lead to more fragmentation within our societies. It's bad as it is, can you imagine what it could become! ...hence the passion, hehe.

EXSENO said...

That is a awesome read. Very powerful and beautifully written.

More people need to read those words that you so eloquently put together yet describe the terrible horrors going on in our world.

human being said...

oh it cuts deep...

you know this is another way to robotize people... just watch the process...

and some people are refugees in their own home countries...