April 21, 2009


Inspired by someone who is lost but will not listen to a little voice that cares to keep you in the game!

Do you have somewhere to go?
You know there’s a way
if you know how to get there.

Do you want to get there?
You know it isn’t so hard
if you used all your cards.

Do you use all resources?
You know friends can hold on
if not kept waiting too long.

Do you see yourself there?
You know you could
if pursue you would.

Do you imagine you'd pursue?
You know you might
if only you tried.

Do you even mean to try?
You know, NOW, you should
if you care to be understood!


human being said...

oh this little voice is so persuasive and convincing...
surely that lost one will listen...

love the way you softly help him to change perspective... step by step...


EXSENO said...

Oh my gosh. I read it once and all I could think of was 'Wow'.
I read it again, and all I could think of was Ouch! I could relate.

Saadia said...

Romantic. You really care for the one who inspired this.

naperville mom said...

What if I lose my way?:)

Id it is said...

"What if I lose my way?" ...all the more reason for you to 'listen to a little voice that cares to keep you in the game!' :)

Pavitra said...

Am sure you reached whoever it is!

Good luck! :-)

berenice said...

hola I Me My

really like your words, encouraging and hopeful always... I feel we humans are by now so used to overcome challenges and with this net of friends and support things seem to be easier obtainable than times before

i feel the problem now is that we don't really know where we are going or what is really valuable anymore...

more that impossibility to get things done, it seems to me that the problem is to know what to do and where to go

hope this lost person you talk about as all of us, keep always present in mind and heart where to go

always good to read you :)

Dr. Deb said...

Okay, that was truly great.

EYE said...

i have been through this phase that your 'lost' friend is now.and believe me life has its own reasons which we will take ages to comprehend.