November 22, 2009

A Relationship - An Asset or a Liability?

A chance meeting actuates it:
a glance, a touch, a word, an act
can set it in motion.

It takes root
before you know it.
It starts to grow
and you sense it.
It starts to knock
you can still ignore it.
It starts to move in;
now you feel the push.
Finally it occupies
n then you wonder at it!

When? How? Why?
And what next?
Will it stay?
Will it grow?
Will it co exist
or will it replace?
Will it calm?
or will it rile up?
Will it destroy?

Will it bring:
a new vision
with a new meaning,
maybe a new understanding
to begin a new chapter?
Perhaps one of the last,
as mortality beckons.


J P Joshi said...

Came through while wandering around the blog world. Hope you don't mind.

Really perceptive... The illustration in the diagram is interesting. I believe, that in this world of duality, there are no only positives or negatives. Every plus has a minus attached somewhere.... and so I guess it is with a relationship... it is both an asset and a liability.

Thoughts very beautifully expressed in words.

EXSENO said...

If this is one of your poems, as always, Amazing.

However if this is about a real relationship. I have one word of advise and that is, I never give advise when it comes to affairs of the heart.

By the way I love the tree, great visual.

Saadia said...

I think these questions arise in every relationship that we develop by choice. It should move on only if the happy moments out-weight the moments you question so much. Otherwise, what's the point! But if you're asking if relationships are inherently a liability, then I'd disagree!

Mariana Soffer said...

Very interesting post, I think a relationship generally is a mix of those 2 things and of course tons of other factors, the problem if you can not define one by saying this relatioship is x, cause it is an oversimplification of the complexity involved in it

Ben said...

really really good. perfectly portrays how life creeps on us without our knowing it...

human being said...


ask no questions
just go on a quest
in search of a new


fabulous work... loved it!

holy cow!
the word verification is:


revise me, eh?

this is what love does... it makes a new version of us...

hey... i feel a marvelous vibration... even the artificial mind is resonating...

quantum entanglement!

Renu said...

relationshipmay be an asset or a liability,depends on the person.

Smorg said...

Good find, Id! :o) Better step forward and risk tumbling than staying put and growing moss, I think. Even liabilities have their uses sometimes.

Hopefully your relationship with the perfectly baked gobbling bird will be a fulfilling one, though. Happy Thanksgiving!! :oD


Georg said...

Bonjour Id,

Certainly not a liability, maybe in the long run but not at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

everything you write in your poem implies that you consider relationships to be assets. you answer your own question, in some sense.

by the way, i agree.

Anonymous said...

I think you have caught what another poet said: "The reddest rose unfolds" and you can never tell when. There is another wonder though: Who? Often, this can be startling. I like your poem. It is tense.

berenice said...

hola dear Id
i think i read 1st your post, there were no comments then, but i was on a strange mood and couldn't find witty words

i still have no witty words/thoughts, but i must tell you i really like the way your write, and how feelings filter through you

i hope you are enjoying the doubts, pangs, but delights of a fresh born love, the one that drove you to write such lovely words