February 15, 2010

A Blanket that Covers or a Cover-up?

A snowy blanket;
so pristine a cover.

if not touched
if only to the eye
won't let another show

The green and brown below,
bent under, frigid and cold,
make desperate pleas for the sun!
Does the throw look concerned?

A cover so unique!
Does it guard?
Does it warm?
Does it even care?
Touch 'n find
only if you dare.


Anonymous said...

nice poem.

EXSENO said...

Touch 'n find
only if you dare.
I love that.
The picture are such a nice touch to accompany that lovely poem.

cubano said...

"The green and brown below
bent under, frigid and cold
Make desperate pleas for the sun
Does the throw look concerned?"

is there a hidden meaning here? hmm :)

berenice said...

wonderful poem, Id, sounds like a pretty song, if i were a musician would love to be able to make music to it

and i feel, like the snow and the blankets, has many layers to it

a pleasure to read you as always

Georg said...

Bonjour Id,

Lovely poem "beautiful if not touched". Splendid.

If only to the eye:
sounds good, too,
budt fortunately not true.

Thanks for publishing this wintry oeuvre.


EYE said...

beautiful....Snow is a difficult topic to write about

Eshuneutics said...

A touch of May Sarton.It's all snow over here in the UK too.

Id it is said...

Thanks for guiding me to May Sarton...and perhaps it was this poem that you were referring to :

We are snowed under again for a second time in less than a week!

berenice said...

i love May Sarton! when the Gatos (my cats) behave OK, i read them some The Fur Person, the passages where the fur person, May's cat, eats catnip or other adventures, The Fur Person is a lovely book for any pet friendly person

human being said...

this is just beauuuutiful...

loved all those quest(ion)s...

and how it felt sublime when you read it aloud...