February 26, 2010

"Survival" - An Artist's Definition.

What do you make of the above and this?

... and now the reality of survival with the
earthquake in Chile
bringing fears of a tsunami !


Smorg said...

Sometimes I dream of being able to live a Daniel Boone lifestyle deep in the mountain somewhere... but then I'd miss flushing toilet very much. :oD

The street drumming clip is awesome! Can only imagine what the dude could do with a proper drum set (but then he seems at home with his improvised one. It's part of what makes it special, ay?). Thanks for posting, IMM! :o)

Id it is said...

He works musical magic with those limited and unconventional resources doesn't he.
...those are some furious forces of survival at work!

EXSENO said...

I had to laugh, he reminds me of my grandson. I saw that money bucket, looked like he was doing pretty well.
I hope the young man makes enough money to get a set of drums.

Id it is said...

Your response to the drummer was no different from mine until I read how much he makes a day, and that was pretty much his income for the day since he is unemployed and lacking any job skills that would help him survive!
Art often obliterates the fine line between living and surviving, both for the artist and the voyeur...

net-net4 said...

A survival....
Does it guard?
Does it warm?
Does it even care?
Look 'n find
only if you dare....

starry said...

How are you.I just stopped by to say hello.

human being said...

i cannot see the pic... nor the video... but about survival i say:


all in a chain of existence
all living and dying together

Mariana Soffer said...

It reminds me of how easy we tend to forget what things are important or fundamental, and how quick we get lost in details that are not essential and waste a lot of mind time thinking about the unimportant problems related to them. It is important to differentiate what we want (or think we do) from what we need.