April 24, 2010

Arizona's new Immigration Law Legitimizes Racial Profiling by Local Cops.

"The broad anti-immigrant bill passed by the Legislature this week makes it a crime to be in the country illegally and gives local cops the job of demanding documentation if they have reasonable suspicion someone lacks it.

The need to carry proper ‘papers’ falls squarely on Arizona's Latino population -- including those born and raised in the Grand Canyon State. The bill invites racial profiling and ignores the fact that Latinos are an intrinsic part of Arizona's history and its future."

Hopefully, Gov. Brewer's new Law will be challenged and proved unconstitutional, or else we will have stood by yet again and watched McCarthyism rear its ugly head, this time against the undocumented Hispanic population. Governor Brewer, a Republican, has incited the wrath of the Latino population across the country, who 'not long ago were courted by the Republican Party as a swing voting bloc'.


How do we know said...

wow..this one had me whistling all the way... am i the only one thinking yellow badges and hitler?

SR said...

The moment I read about this law, I was disgusted. I could not believe that a majority of both the state legislatures of AZ passed this, with even moderate Republicans voting in support of it (you should read some of the wishy-washy reasoning given by these state representatives; it was pathetic).

This bill is imbecilic enough that even American citizens passing through AZ will have to carry passports because, apparently, out-of-state driving licenses are not sufficient to identify which Americans are "good" and which ones are "bad" as per the moronic Grand Canyon State...

And of course, we know the reason this bill passed: in the upcoming Republican primaries, all the "moderate" Republicans are being challenged by closet-racist Tea Party members (who, by the way, make up just under 20% of the US population). Even that bastion of integrity in the Republican party, John McCain is supporting this absurd bill. Just shows you how much integrity is left in the Republican party, since just a few years ago, he was leading the charge to develop a reasonable federal immigration policy...

All in all, this furthers my belief that the Republican party, in its attempt to reestablish itself as a contender in state/national elections has thrown all its principles out of the window and is now willing to take on the beliefs and ideas of any group willing to have it... Scary and pathetic, all at once.


Id it is said...

Thank you for that; your thoughts always lend clarity and substance to any discussion!

Truly it's shameful that such a law be passed in this country!

starry said...

The moment I read about this law, I was scared and sad, there are so many flaws. Don't the majority of people see this.

Georg said...

Bonjour Id,

Going to the USA has become a difficult affair. First, my wife and myself need a special biometrical passport. This document must be readable by a computer on arrival in the United States.

If one does not have such an passport (case of my wife) but a customary one, you need a visa.

Up to three days prior to take the plane in Europe, the US Authorities have the right to oppose your coming.

On arrival in the United States the Border Authorities have the right to shove you back without any explanation.

Under these conditions you think twice to undertake such a hazardous enterprise.

Now I am reading in your post that entering illegally the USA should be protected, no questions asked.

Can this be squared??


Id it is said...

This law is applicable only in the state of Arizona, one of the 51 states in the US.
However, you are right about the super strict regulations for tourists entering the US in the aftermath of 9/11. To some extent that is understandable, but what is happening in Arizona is so obviously unconstitutional, that it is unbelievable ; almost like giving legal sanctions to racial profiling.
You and your wife should not be apprehensive about visiting the US; immigration procedure though a little too detailed, is really not as bad as it appears.

How do we know said...

Hi ID: Am commenting again bcs most ppl outside the US second George's view.

The general perception of the US is that it is very xenophobic, and really, just not worth visiting.. unless, of course, you have pressing business there that just cannot be avoided.

nandi said...

I wonder how the tourism industry is going to be in Arizona?
Its their own political suicide.