April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

I am old.
Been there since time eternal.
Mother of all species.
Respected, revered, restored, and reaped
in times forgotten. But now..
eroded, evacuated, embedded, and raped.
Droughts and earthquakes are worries no more.

Darfur, Iraq, Israel, and Hiroshima,
all but parts of me.
Dented and cracked irreparably.
I cry, weep, hurt, yell, and scream.
Divided, amputated, suffocated, and mutilated,
searching a lebensraum
in my very own universe,
while my progeny tightens my noose.


berenice said...

oh dear Id, this is so powerful, and sad, but i am sure our Mother Earth thanks you for that, i do! thank you!

SR said...

nice poem. i wish humanity thought about our impact on the earth (as a livable planet) when we make even the smallest decisions. but we don't...

starry said...

Id this was true but sad.we sure have found a way to slowly destroy this beautiful planet.I do hope we stop in time to save what is left.

Rati Parker said...

Very evocative...

But i also feel that we are only a miniscule impact in the life of Mother Earth...many species before us have come and gone and the planet has taken many a form....that is probably the process of evolution of Mother earth and we are merely puny catalysts...

Eshuneutics said...

Hi, a moving poem. I've just read a wonderful novel on the theme of war, humanity, destruction. "Into Suez" by Stevie Davies, will review it soon. Hope you are well!

EYE said...