December 08, 2010

The "Dream Act" Passes in the House of Representatives!

The US House of Representatives passes the "Dream Act" with a 216 'Yea' and 198 'Nay' vote. It is to be voted upon in the Senate at 11 AM tomorrow!

Listening to the House debate over the Dream Act on CSPAN this evening, made it evident that some of the congressmen and women representing us are pretty vacuous and ill informed, even on those issues and causes that they call their own!

For example there were Republicans who said
  • the Dream Act would give illegal immigrants preferential treatment over American citizens!
  • the Dream Act beneficiaries would petition for their parents' naturalization right away!
  • the Dream Act provides 'amnesty' to illegals!
Clearly, these people had not done their homework on the Dream Act or they would not have said all of the above. Yet they did, and sadly enough, what they said may have been accepted as the truth by a majority of American viewers. After all, channel changing is our national pastime, and not very many of us would have stayed long enough to hear the rational and impressive rebuttal of Howard Berman, who pointed out the misrepresentations made by his colleagues, and then provided the accurate information in its stead.

The Dream Act will be voted upon in the senate tomorrow, and if passed, this "legislation would give hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants a chance at becoming legal. The requirements state that, to be eligible, a person must have been brought to the United States before he or she was 16, been in the United States for five years, earned a high-school degree and be attending college or be in the military."

However, I wouldn't hold my breath over the outcome of tomorrow's vote!


berenice said...

dear I Me, yea! that's great news that passed on House of Representatives, and as you point out, not to hold one's breaths to tomorrow's decision, huh?
thank YOU for informing of this! i had no idea the voting was coming so close, will keep on checking your blog for news (as i trust much more your opinions that those of many other news ;)) thank you from San Diego!

Id it is said...

The Senate deferred voting on the Dream Act today; it has been shifted to next week. All the Democrats need are 60 votes...but that number has been evading them. Hopefully this time we'll get lucky : )
Support and advocate for the Dream Act!