December 31, 2010

Good bye 2010! Greetings 2011...

Cheers to:
new beginnings
fond memories
unconditional love
friendships that feel
productive workplaces
relationships that hold
children who care
places that nurture
words that pacify
ideas that intrigue
nuances that excite
touches that tingle
universal health care
nameless ties
minds sans boundaries
technology that facilitates
immigrant workers who weather all worries
globalization that makes differences disappear

a rock bottom economy that can only get better
a winter that makes us think spring
a hand that heals
a gaze that guards
a heart that warms
and a hug that holds promise.

...and that list is endless, so do add your own : )

Happy New Year!

Here are some contributory additions:
a Feliz Ano Nuevo ( Berenice)
a comfortable religion (Georg)


berenice said...

a blog that is always a pleasure to read...

lovely post Id

Feliz Año Nuevo wishes from California

wishing you that love & inspiration follow you around all year long, and more!

Georg said...

Bonjour Id,

A splendid text and therefore difficult to add something meaningful.

Something comes to my mind: what about?

"a comfortable religion"

Cheers and a happy New Year

Large Rugs said...
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Ann Karen said...

peaceful earth is what I wanted to add in your list. Praying and Hoping that God grant this prayer of mine.

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danial11 said...
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