March 17, 2012

'Kahani' - Sujoy Ghosh's Classy Thriller

I have watched one too many Indian movies churned out of the Bollywood film factory where one size fits all, and one story reads all! 'Kahani' broke the status quo!  Indian cinema seems to be coming of age.  Sujoy Ghosh's two hour Indian movie, with English subtitles, had me glued to my seat enthralled.

The female lead, Ms. Balan has done a remarkable job! She is a very versatile actress and is to be commended for her outstanding performance as the overly pregnant Mrs. Bagchi from London looking for her missing husband, who came to Calcutta a month ago, at her insistence, on an assignment with the National Data Center.
A movie not to be missed!


How do we know said...

agree completely with the review. this is one of those thrillers that must never be missed.

berenice said...

hi I Me My, this picture sounds great! I watch the trailer and very interesting and with your recommendation is a safe thing to watch, I will try to watch it on the big screen or DVD when it's out, thank you!