March 18, 2012

On The Fall of a Leaf - "killing time without injuring eternity"?

Another leaf falls.
A testimony
That I am.
To what end?
I know not.
I continue to be;
In a charade,
of chores,

another leaf falls.
A reminder
this too shall pass
like it did
the day before.
Forget I will,
like I did
the day before.

another leaf falls.
A fear
Will another be?
Just as green?
With flowers
for company?
And then what?
A new canvas?
A new pallet?
With hues familiar
to ponder upon?
Just as..

another leaf falls..
I react.
To move the plant
into the sun.
And water it.
Even talk to it.
For it must grow!
Healthy, happy, tall

Another leaf falls.

1 comment:

berenice said...

beautiful poetry, and a little painful, like the breath that first come in full of life, and leaves full of long-lived love. Love your poetry dear I Me My