June 05, 2005

The fruitfly scare

Scientist tweaked the master sex gene in a hitherto female fruit fly and activated the dormant male in it; the female fruit fly instantly started courting another female fruit fly that was ovulating!

This recent scientific discovery might throw a new light on certain dearly held beliefs of ours; that sexual preference is a socially aquired behaviour; that an alternate lifestyle is not a biological necessity; that people who adopt an alternate lifestyle are immoral. Afterall, it may all be in the gene, as the fruit fly experiment proved. It may be only a matter of time before the moralists among us have to retract their harsh words against those who dared to be different.

The fruit fly experiment also brings another rather depressing thought to mind; will this finding spell the end of romance between the male and the female of a species; a write off for that charmingly arbitrary act of falling in love. If the mere tweaking of a sex gene in the fruit fly changes its courting pattern, then the male female distinction in a species may be becoming redundant and would thus be a shortlived reality. Courtship, wooing, affairs, and the likes will be happenings of the past. Sex may forever be dissociated from pleasure, and it may end up being purely functional; for procreational purposes only.

May the findings of the experiment be applicable to fruit flies alone!


david said...

How do you know this will happen to us? We shouldn't worry about this.

Anonymous said...

scientific research is always a welcome thing, but the ramifications in this case will be interesting. the conservatives will attempt to refute this research, while glbt rights activists will use it to push for new laws made explicitly legalizing their respective sexual orientations. what does all this do? it dilutes the original research's worth and, in some sense, taints it with new, morality-based politics, which is why i wonder if it was useful to do/come out with this research at all.

nandi23 said...

I can trigger that? wohoo!