June 07, 2005


It's a pity we don't have this show anymore! See the re runs if you haven't seen the original. It's a show that'll have you in splits, with no breaks in between; never a dull moment! It's not like there is anything meaningful about the show, in fact quite the contrary; it's a show about nothing. Yet, the situations lend themselves to the most spontaneous peels of laughter. Nonsense couldn't get any better, and neither could such alarmingly maladjusted beings be so ideally brought together as in each of the Seinfeld episodes. The characters wreck havoc in any situation, even the most serious, but never in any conscious or obvious way. They spell disfunctionality by their very presence and land themselves in the most appaling and absurd of situations. They take the tragic, the normal, the serious, and then with such finess and elan transform it into the comical which soon verges on the hilarious until it reaches the point of the absurd. Undoubtedly, they've transformed disfunctionality into an art. So much so that viewers like me feel elevated when we find ourselves behaving like an Elaine or a George. The Seinfeld crew have transcended viewer judgement; they're in a league of their own!

Watch the reruns whenever you can, or buy the DVDs that have the first four seasons of the show.

Check out this veteran blogger writing out of India. Has some catchy stuff in there, especially for those of you who want a peek into exotic India.


The Humanity Critic said...

I am definitely a huge Seinfeld fan. Cool post. Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.

Starkindler said...

seinfeld is pretty bad. the characters are convoluted, the situations defy belief and the humour is forced. bad. much better to watch frasier, everybody loves raymond or even friends, whose longevity is because of their freshness. seinfeld doesn't measure up.

BlankManifesto said...

seinfeld is awesome. The only reason it is not running anymore is that jerry seinfeld refused the biggest contract in telivision history. if the station was offering so much money the show must have been good. Even the reruns are better than fraiser, everybody loves raymond, and friends. And last time i checked fraiser and friends are no longer running, had less viewers, and in no way measure up to the greatness that was seinfeld.