June 27, 2005


I can very safely say I’m LIFEBROKEN-
I can laugh with a friend who once was
Miss a bus and patiently wait for the next
Pay a goodwill visit to someone I hate
Make a promise I never meant to keep
Compliment someone and laugh at his back
Look at something and wish it were mine
Hire a lawyer to do the pre nuptial agreement
Buy five black dresses to wear one for a funeral
Overlook another’s pain with no guilt…..
And this is only the beginning of the list!

Feel free to add your own.

1 comment:

Starkindler said...

yes, and myriad other things that one always knew one is made of but weren't sure whether coming out with them would be construed nicely. the world is a hypocrite. but in blog world, one is master...