July 27, 2005

Rape of a nation

A friend's poem.
The classical title often misleads, yet cannot be ignored.
The subject of the poem is the U.S.A; the american dream.
It took me more than a year, and some fifty odd readings to appreciate this piece.
This poem may just as well not be read. You are better off skipping it, but if you do decide to take it up, you'll be glad you stopped to wonder, coz it's bound to become your ' bliss of solitude'.

Leda / Nemesis

She was within reach

Now she beckoned

A fantasy comes alive

Tantalizing me to explore

Which I did, with gusto

Every nook and crevice

Sipping nectar amid abundance

She was mine to keep

Then seduction no more

Penetrated, marauded rammed and thrust

Yet lovingly suppliant

Can’t have enough of her

But she seeks my heart

That rests fondly on the shores of 'home'

Where I’ll return one day

Until then the rape goes on, unabated

Wonder what’ll come

Helen or Clytemnestra

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Anonymous said...

Unusual poem! Compliments to your friend. Does he/she have a website?