July 05, 2005

Questions of/for the conscience

Why is the unattainable attractive? Is it attractive because it cannot be had? Would it have been as attractive if it could be had? Would its degree of attractiveness change the moment one had it?

Is it healthy to have regrets? Why do we have regrets? Afterall they were our once-upon-a-time decisions.

Why do friends /lovers grow apart? Is it because they tire each other out, or is it because they've figured each other out?

Why are people attracted to each other? Is it because they are worlds apart, or is it because they take the same part ?

When is it okay to walk away? When not doing so would have catastrophic consequences, or when doing so snips an exchange that may ground you for life?

Where do people hide? Behind someone who's not them, or in actions that may take a lifetime to complete?

What is it to be a friend? Is it to be a silent conscience keeper, or is it to be the vocal mirror holder?

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Anonymous said...

If only the human memory were not such a big cache! If only what we did yesterday were wiped out of our consciousness the following day. There would be no long lasting regrets.