July 25, 2005

London bombing - the 56th victim

When a handful of plain clothes police officers pump five bullets into a man confirmed unarmed, already overpowered, and on the ground, what does it suggest? A dastardly act born out of fear mixed with rage, and in all probability vengeful. Unfortunately, this time it killed an innocent Brazilian who probably fit the bill of being brown skinned and wearing a weather inappropriate attire. This incident is bone chilling because of its implications. God help you if you are a brown skinned male living in London, wearing a jacket in seventy plus degree temperatures, and worst of all if you happen to be carrying a backpack!

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Dr. Deborah Serani said...

"A dastardly act born out of fear". So right, so true. It's the ugly side of human nature, which is changeable in my opinion. I wish there were more on my page with that!