July 13, 2005

Outsourcing to India

I just read an Op/Ed titled " A Passage to India' in The NewYork Times. The author, Suketu Mehta, of Indian origin, expresses concern about the possibility of a reverse exodus among Indian immigrants in the USA. With the economic boom in India and a slump in the job market within the USA, many Americans of Indian origin may have to relocate back to the land of their forefathers for job related reasons.

Outsourcing has finally hit home! If it's going to be hard for Indian Americans to relocate to a land from where they originally came, one can only imagine how uphill it would be for other Americans to have to relocate for similar reasons.

Outsourcing has cost many Americans their livelihoods; the Indian American community is only one among the many; also one with the distinct advantage of relocating to a country which is not quite unfamiliar!

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Anonymous said...

Mr Mehta does not speak for all Indians!